Dress Project: Vionnet Cutting Vionnet Bodice on Bias of Fabric

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In this session, I demonstrated how to cut the fabric pieces for a Vionnet bodice on the bias grain. I used a heavy satin fabric with a matte back, ensuring both sides could be utilized. I carefully laid out the pattern pieces on the bias grain, pinning them in place before cutting.

I showed how to properly cut fabric pieces on the bias grain for a Vionnet bodice design. I also explained the process of interfacing the facings using a lightweight fusible interfacing suitable for stretchy fabrics.

Lesson Steps:

  • Ironed the fabric and folded it diagonally to create the bias grain
  • Positioned pattern pieces on the bias grain, pinning in place
  • Cut out pattern pieces carefully, notching as needed
  • Cut interfacing pieces, considering stretch and bias grain
  • Prepared to interface facings by fusing interfacing to the wrong side of fabric