Dress Project: Vionnet Sewing Vionnet Zipper and Hem

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In this session, I demonstrated how to sew the zipper and hem for the Vionnet-inspired dress.

I showed the process of attaching the zipper, ensuring the corners matched perfectly, and closing the back seam with a hook and eye closure.

I attached the zipper, carefully matching the corners and adjusting the seams as needed. Then, I prepared for hemming the half-circle skirt using the baby hem technique.

Lesson Steps:

  • Attached the zipper, adjusting the seams to ensure perfect corner matching
  • Closed the back seam and attached a hook and eye closure
  • Folded the hem allowance 1 cm and stitched close to the edge
  • Trimmed the seam allowance close to the stitching line
  • Pressed the hem and folded it again, creating a narrow baby hem
  • Used a zipper foot to stitch the final narrow hem close to the folded edge