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Discover A New EASY Method of Dressmaking & Create Garments For ANY Body Shape That Fit Like a Glove, WITHOUT Wasting Days/Weeks on Fitting 

Top Notch

4-Week Tops-Masterclass for Beginner-to-Intermediate Sewists


It’s been a while since our last DCM Workshop, where we kicked off our very last DCM Masterclass.

We took the feedback from our community — both the required time commitment (3-months for a course!) and the investment made it difficult to join.

Since then we’ve been working on some new laser-focused deep-dive courses.
And.. I’m happy to announce our upcoming course on tops & blouses:

>> Top Notch! Our new 4-week tops-masterclass for beginners to intermediate sewists.


In this 4-week deep-dive, we’ll cover:

** Draping & Patternmaking for:
Basic Bodice with 1 Dart, Basic Bodice with 2 Darts, French Dart, Center Front Dart, Shoulder Dart, Asymmetric Dart, Multiple Darts Bodice, Surplice Top, Dior Dart, Empire Bodice, Curved French Dart, Classic Princess Bodice, Armhole Princess Bodice

** Custom Bodice Foundation, Relaxed Blouse Foundation, Basic Sleeve Foundation, Custom Sleeve Foundation, In-set Cap Sleeve

We’ll have weekly Live Q&A Sessions where I go over everyone’s work, and answer any questions (and the sessions will be recoded & added to the course for you to keep forever).


Here are some examples!


We’re also creating some special bonuses that will help you gain confidence in everything else related to making tops:

** How to properly measure yourself & someone else

** Introduction to dress forms, what to look for, and how to find a right fit

** How to measure a dress form & it’s reference points

** How to pad your adjustable / professional dress form

** Creating a Removable Dress Form Padding Cover Course!

** Solving differences between me and my dress form:
     … Sway back body / straight dress form
     … Shoulders bigger than dress form
     … Chest- torso shorter/ or longer than dress form
     … Dress form does not come to hipline / it’s shorter than my body

** Introduction to fabric grains, weights, and drape of fabrics. Fabrics to avoid for beginners.


Course begins on Monday, October 3rd, and will run until the end of the month.

To ensure that we can support everyone properly, we’ll be limiting enrollments to 20 people.

We’ll be opening up registrations September 27th (9am Pacific Time), and closing down when the course begins (or when we’re at full capacity).

This Course Session is now SOLD OUT!

Enter your First Name & Email below to sign up to the waitlist for the next session in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to sew?

Yes, this class assumes you know how to sew.

You’ll learn how to construct a lot of garments, and convert them into patterns. 

But you’ll have to know how to sew them together.

Do I need a dress form?

Yes. We’ll start with basic draping techniques, and build on top of that.

So you’ll need a pinnable dress form (mannequin) to work with.

What are the course dates?

The masterclass begins on October 3rd, and runs until the end of the month. 

We will release each week’s videos on Mondays, and have Live Q&A Sessions later in the week to answer questions, and do additional demos.

When does registration end?

We’re closing registrations on Friday, September 30th, at Midnight (Pacific Time), or when the class is full (20 attendees).

How long can I keep the videos?

This class comes with lifetime access. 

So you can come back 10 years later and re-watch any part you want!

Do I get any bonuses?

Yes, check above to see the bonuses that come with the class.

We prepared some amazing next-level bonuses, that are exclusive to this course.

Where can I watch the videos?

You can watch the course videos from anywhere, on any device.

As the courses are on-demand, you can watch them on your own time, whenever you are free.

Is there a community?

We will have a private forum for the class attendees. 

It will be a small group, so expect to make some close friends!

Will I get extra help?

The Masterclass comes with a private forum, where Neda will answer questions. 

We’ll also have Weekly Live Q&A Sessions for longer questions, and for questions that require a demo.

Is there a guarantee?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

So if you change your mind, or don’t think the course is a right fit for you, then we’ll refund your investment %100. 

No hassles, no hard feelings. 

Do I get any supplies?

No, we only supply educational courses.

You need to gather all the supplies from local sources.

What supplies do I need?

* A dress form & sewing machine
* Pins, scissors, red/blue/green pens
* Muslin
* Graphic or draping tape
(2/8″ or 1/8″ are good size)
* Needle point tracing wheel (necessary when we transfer them to paper)
* Pattern paper or Dot paper for pattern-making
* Curve Ruler, Straight clear rule
* Adhesive Tapes or Clear sticky tapes
* Measuring tape