Live Session (September 17th, 2022)

Creating a Quick and Easy Gathered Jersey Dress Using Elastic

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In this week’s session, I demonstrated how to create a quick and easy gathered dress using elastic and jersey fabric. I showed how to turn a simple piece of fabric into a stylish, versatile dress by using elastic to create gathers and shape the garment. The demonstration covered both draping techniques and simple sewing methods to create a wearable dress in just a few hours.

Demonstration Steps:

  1. Measured the body and cut a rectangle of jersey fabric
  2. Attached elastic to create gathers on one side of the fabric
  3. Draped the fabric on a dress form to create various neckline and silhouette options
  4. Demonstrated how to stabilize and finish the neckline and armholes
  5. Showed how to add an internal waistband to control the drape and twist of the dress
  6. Finished the dress by hemming and cleaning up raw edges

Questions & Answers:

  • Q: Does the stabilizing tape stop the dress from twisting out of shape when you move?
  • A: Adding a soft elastic waistband inside the dress helps control the twist and drape. You can adjust this internal band to change how the dress falls on the body.

  • Q: Could you use two pieces of elastic in different directions from center down and center up?
  • A: You can play around with different elastic placements. The possibilities are endless, so I encourage you to experiment with various configurations to create different looks.

I’m excited to see how you all interpret this technique in your own projects. Next week, I may elaborate on this idea further or introduce a new quick and easy design concept. Let me know which you’d prefer!