The ultimate step-by-step learning system for dressmakers


You can change your mind at any time!

You'll begin by choosing the level that best describes where you are now

You can change your mind at any time!

Level 1

"Meet Your Girl"

You’re just getting started with Draping & the DCM Method, and getting to know your dress form.

Level 2

"3 Ts: Tools, Touch and Train"

You’ve learned about & prepared your dress form, and ready to start draping your first tops.

Level 3

"Body Double"

You’ve trained your eyes/hands by draping some tops, and ready to start padding your dress form to match your size.

Level 4

"Lay Your Foundation"

You’ve padded your dress form to match you, and ready to build your base patterns.

Level 5

"Cover your Bases"

You have perfect base patterns that match your size, and ready to turn them into reusable block patterns.

Level 6

"Hello Knitty"

Who doesn’t love knits? You’ll create fitted Jersey samples and blocks.

Level 7

"What is Underneath?"

You’re ready to learn about finishing, and making patterns for facing and linings.

Level 8

"Have you met Barbara?"

You’re ready to take on a complete dress! You’ll make ‘Barbara’, which is a fitted, fully lined dress, made from basic bodice and basic skirt patterns.