Draping Foundations: Sleeves Preparation of Schematic of Sleeve Sloper

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In this lesson, I taught how to draft a basic sleeve sloper pattern using measurements. I demonstrated the process step-by-step, dividing the sleeve into sections and shaping the armhole curve.

Lesson Steps:

  • Draw the sleeve length and mark bicep, elbow, and wrist lines
  • Divide the bicep circumference into front and back sections
  • Connect points to form the basic sleeve shape
  • Divide front and back into three equal sections
  • Shape the armhole curve by raising specific sections
  • Mark underarm points for front and back
  • Cut out the pattern pieces, adding seam allowances
  • Transfer pattern onto muslin fabric
  • Sew side seams of the muslin sleeve
  • Prepare a basic bodice sloper to attach the sleeve for fitting

I explained that this drafting method works best for me, but also showed an alternative draping approach if needed. The key is to establish a well-fitting sloper before experimenting with sleeve styles.