Draping Foundations: Sleeves Introduction, Taping and Measurements for Sleeve Pattern

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In this section, we will work with different sleeve types. Sleeves are a technical part of dressmaking, so it’s best to combine drafting and draping methods. This allows you to see the results right away and make decisions during draping. There are different sleeve drafting methods using detailed measurements.

Lesson Steps:

  • Have your bodice sloper (front and back) ready to attach sleeves
  • Have a dress form arm or your own arm measurements
  • Take measurements: armhole tape, shoulder line, side seam, chest line, back line
  • Measure: cap length (shoulder to bicep), sleeve length (shoulder to wrist), bicep to elbow length
  • Measure circumferences: bicep, elbow, wrist (with ease)
  • Prepare paper: length 2-3″ longer than sleeve, width 3-4″ wider than bicep circumference
  • Divide paper width in half, mark sleeve length
  • Mark cap length (shoulder to bicep) plus 1/2″ at the top