Amanda Dress Skirt Modification of Adding Side Seam

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In this guide, I demonstrate how to modify the Amanda dress skirt pattern to add a side seam. I explain how to separate the pattern at the side, potentially add some ease, and transfer the modification to both front and back pattern pieces.


  1. Identify the existing side seam line on the pattern
  2. Soften the angle of the side seam line if needed
  3. Separate the pattern along this line
  4. Add a small amount of ease if desired (about 1-2 cm at the hip)
  5. Add seam allowances to the new side seam edges
  6. Transfer the modification to both front and back pattern pieces
  7. Adjust the waist and hip fit during the final fitting process

This modification gives you more control over the fit of the skirt and makes construction easier. Remember that the waist and hip can still be fine-tuned during the final fitting, as the front skirt overlaps in this design.