Book Recommendations on Sewing and Fitting

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In this guide, I share and review several books on sewing, fitting, and fashion illustration, covering topics from basic techniques to advanced pattern manipulation. I recommend resources for learning fashion illustration, understanding fit issues, mastering sewing techniques, and exploring fashion history and designer biographies.

  1. Fashion Illustration books:
    • I show examples of my own fashion illustrations and portfolio work.
    • I recommend “9 Heads” by Nancy Riegelman for learning proportions and technical drawing.
    • I suggest “Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques” by Naoki Watanabe for artistic style.
    • I mention my admiration for David Downton’s fashion illustrations.

  2. Fitting Solutions book:
    • I discuss a book on understanding fit issues and how to alter patterns.
    • I explain it’s particularly useful for beginners or when working with ready-made patterns.

  3. Sewing technique books:
    • I review “The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing” and “Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing”.
    • I highlight their coverage of various sewing techniques, seam finishes, and garment construction methods.

  4. Pattern Magic books:
    • I show books on creating interesting geometric cuts and shapes in garments.
    • I explain these are good for inspiration and advanced pattern manipulation.

  5. Designer and fashion history books:
    • I recommend books on Madeleine Vionnet, Charles James, and Alexander McQueen.
    • I suggest “Fashion: The Century of the Designer” for an overview of fashion history by decade.

Throughout the guide, I emphasize the value of these resources for learning and inspiration, while also noting that hands-on experience with draping and sewing is crucial for developing skills.