How to Cover Adjustable or Unpinnable Dress Forms and Get Ready For Draping

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How to properly cover a dress form to prepare for draping, especially for those without a professional dress form. I recommend using a stretchy, self-adhesive gauze to wrap around the dress form, covering any gaps or irregularities, and then pinning or taping it in place to create a smooth surface for draping.

Steps Involved:

  1. Obtain a stretchy, self-adhesive gauze bandage material from a pharmacy or first aid supply.
  2. Start wrapping the gauze around the dress form, stretching it slightly and overlapping each layer by about 1 inch.
  3. Smooth out any bunching or gaps by snipping the gauze and re-positioning it as needed.
  4. Use pins, medical tape, or painter’s tape to secure the gauze in place if it doesn’t stick well on its own.
  5. Cover the shoulder area first, then work down to the bust and waist, overlapping the gauze layers to secure them.
  6. For the back area, cover any curved or protruding areas to create a smooth, straight surface.
  7. Optionally, a tight-fitting bodysuit or shapewear can be used as a base layer before wrapping with the gauze.