Live Session (July 29th, 2022)

Adjusting the Charlie Dress Pattern for a Better Fit

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In this week’s session, I focused on how to make adjustments to the Charlie dress pattern for a better fit, particularly when working with different types of jersey fabrics. I demonstrated techniques for tightening the dress in specific areas without losing the desired drape, and showed how to modify the pattern pieces to achieve these adjustments. I also introduced an upcoming kimono sleeve dress project that I’ll be working on soon.

Demonstration Steps:

  1. Explained how to tighten the bodice by taking in the side seams
  2. Showed how to blend the adjusted side seam with the existing drape
  3. Demonstrated adjusting the skirt portion for a tighter fit while maintaining drape
  4. Explained how to modify the pattern piece to reduce draping on one side
  5. Showed how to transfer adjustments to a new pattern piece
  6. Discussed options for tightening around the waist and knee area

Questions & Answers:

  • Q: How can I make the dress tighter if my jersey is too stretchy?
  • A: You can take in the side seams, particularly under the bust and around the waist. Blend these adjustments with the existing drape to maintain the desired look.

  • Q: What if the fabric is too heavy and dragging down?
  • A: Make the dress tighter around your body, especially at the waist and hips. This will help it sit better and prevent dragging. You can also reduce some of the draping if needed.

  • Q: How can I reduce the amount of gathering on one side of the dress?
  • A: You can take in some of the curve that creates the drape, but be careful not to remove too much. I demonstrated how to adjust the pattern piece to achieve this.