Live Session (July 1st, 2023)

Developing an A-Line Skirt Block

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In this week’s session, I walked our members through the process of developing an A-line skirt block from a basic fitted skirt pattern. We focused on manipulating darts to create the characteristic A-line shape while maintaining proper fit. I also discussed fabric grain considerations and how they affect the drape and appearance of the final skirt.

Demonstration Steps:

  1. Traced the basic fitted skirt block onto pattern paper
  2. Divided the front dart into two smaller darts
  3. Drew lines from dart points to hem for flare
  4. Cut and spread pattern to create flare, measuring equal amounts
  5. Repeated process for back pattern piece, maintaining one dart
  6. Blended and trued pattern lines
  7. Discussed grain placement options for different effects

Questions & Answers:

  • Q: Should dart lengths be the same on front and back?
  • A: They should be similar, within about 1 cm, to create even flare distribution. Front can be slightly shorter.

  • Q: How do you cut the front as one piece instead of two?
  • A: The center front can be placed on the fabric fold, but the fold doesn’t have to be on straight grain. Consider cross-grain or bias for different drape effects.

Next week, we’ll fit the muslin, add design details like waistbands and pockets, and explore how fabric choices affect the final look of the A-line skirt. I’m excited to see how everyone’s skirts turn out!