Live Session (August 25th, 2023)

Settling in the UK and Future Plans for Draping Society

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In this week’s session, I provided updates on my recent move to the UK and discussed future plans for our Draping Society lessons. I shared some personal experiences about settling in, including challenges with COVID-19 and setting up our new home. We also touched on upcoming pattern-making projects and addressed some fitting issues raised by members.

Unfortunately, I didn’t conduct a teaching demonstration in this session due to not having my equipment set up yet. However, I discussed plans for future lessons once I have my workspace ready.

Questions & Answers:

  • Q: Are the pattern blocks available on the website?
  • A: For the skirt, we do have a PDF available. The videos on how to develop personal blocks are on the site, but some need to be edited and organized better.

  • Q: Can we do a slip dress pattern?
  • A: Yes, we can develop a slip dress pattern using flat pattern-making techniques. We’ll add this to our list of upcoming projects.

  • Q: How do you find the straight grain on a flare skirt?
  • A: This is something I’ll need to demonstrate visually. I’ve noted it down to cover in a future session once I have my camera setup ready.

  • Q: How much ease should be built into a winter coat/jacket?
  • A: The amount of ease depends on the style of jacket you want. We’ll be making jacket patterns soon and can discuss this in more detail then.

  • Q: For a yoke gathered skirt, how do you attach the facing for a professional finish?
  • A: I typically attach the yoke and gathered pieces first, then add the facing. The method can vary depending on fabric weight. For heavier fabrics, you might want to use a lighter fabric for the facing to avoid bulk.

I’m looking forward to getting my studio set up soon so we can dive back into more hands-on demonstrations and pattern-making lessons. Thank you all for your patience during this transition period.