Developing a Tailored Trousers Pattern Using Basic Trousers Block

How to use Basic Trousers Block and developing a working Pattern with added details and changing leg shapes?

In this session, we looked into the detailed process of creating a pair of trousers. Starting with a basic trouser block, and I showed how to manipulate and adjust the pattern to achieve a semi-fitted style with a slight taper towards the bottom of the leg. We looked at key details like adjusting the rise, shaping the crotch, and checking a good fit around the waist and hips.
I also showed how to add design elements like pockets, facings, and fly with zipper.

Demonstration Steps:
1. Copied the front and back of the corrected trouser block.
2. Discussed the trouser design - semi-fitted with a slight taper at the leg bottom.
3. Demonstrated adding a front pocket opening, zipper, and facing details.
4. Showed how to create and position the back pocket for an aesthetically pleasing look.
5. Discussed the importance of using the corrected block as a base for any trousers.
6. Explained how to modify the pattern for different styles (casual, dressy, etc).
7. Illustrated the process of adjusting the rise and crotch area for a better fit.
8. Emphasized on tapering the leg and fitting the trousers correctly.

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