Live Session (June 25th, 2024)

Preparing the Freya Dress: Interfacing, Basting, and Gathering

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In this week’s session, I focused on preparing the lining and skirt pieces for the Freya dress. We covered interfacing the lining, basting the skirt pieces together, and preparing for gathering. I demonstrated techniques for secure basting and shared tips on working with different fabric types like organza and taffeta.

Demonstration Steps:

  1. Interfaced the lining pieces around neckline, armholes, and center front/back
  2. Basted the skirt lining (organza) to the outer fabric (taffeta) from center back to side seam
  3. Basted from the twist area to side seam on the front piece
  4. Demonstrated large basting stitches to secure center back of skirt pieces together
  5. Prepared threads for gathering at the waist

Questions & Answers:

  • Q: Is it better to hand baste or machine baste for gathering?
  • A: I prefer hand basting, especially for this dress, as it gives more control. Machine basting can work if you use a long stitch length and strong thread, but be careful with delicate fabrics like organza.

This session focused on crucial preparation steps for the Freya dress construction. Next time, we’ll move on to assembling the lining and starting to fit the bodice pieces.