Live Session (July 5th, 2024)

Draping a Nude Tulle Yoke and Achieving Invisible Finishes, Plus Continuing the Freya Dress

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In this session, I demonstrated how to drape a nude tulle yoke, focusing on techniques for working with sheer fabrics. I then showed various methods for achieving invisible finishes on tulle. The second part of the session continued the construction of the Freya dress, focusing on facings and linings.

Key demonstration steps:

  1. Draped a nude tulle yoke on a dress form
  2. Demonstrated different techniques for invisible finishes on tulle:
    • Single layer baby hem
    • French seam
    • Lining with lighter color tulle
    • Using invisible thread
  3. Continued work on the Freya dress:
    • Prepared and interfaced facings
    • Attached linings
    • Discussed order of construction for facings and linings

Questions & Answers:

  • Q: How do you finish edges when working with single layer tulle?
  • A: I demonstrated a single fold baby hem technique that creates a very clean, nearly invisible finish without needing to line or double the fabric.

  • Q: What’s the best way to sew with invisible thread?
  • A: Invisible thread can be tricky to work with. It tends to curl and can’t be ironed. Hand sewing gives more control, but for speed, use a small stitch length on the machine. Extra-fine regular thread is often a good alternative.

This session combined advanced techniques for working with sheer fabrics like tulle, focusing on achieving invisible finishes, and continued the step-by-step construction of the Freya dress, demonstrating both draping and construction techniques in dressmaking.