Get Confident in High-End Garment Construction Using
Without Going to 4-Years of Fashion School or Working at a Couture Atelier

In Draping Society, you'll be creating well-fitted patterns & turning them into garments from scratch.

You’ll create your bespoke tailored wardrobe, that is uniquely you.

You'll unlock your creativity by using your custom-fit blocks & finished patterns to create many more design options, how to choose the right fabrics for your project, and high-end finishing methods to upgrade each garment.

Each design project comes with extended detailed videos on every single step from choosing a design & modifying for your shape, creating the pattern, fitting, choosing fabrics, cutting, sewing & high-end finishing.

You’ll get personal attention & feedback on your projects during our weekly Live Sessions, where all member questions get answered, and new design demonstrations are shared.


Dress Project: Brooke

6 hrs 11 mins
A stylish and versatile dress with a soft, fluid drape at the front that flatters your body shape and enhances your style.

Dress Project: Alex Blush Bridal Gown

1 hr 37 mins
A stunning Halter top wedding or engagement dress featuring a deep V neckline, whimsical hand sewn floral lace and sheer bodice-inspired details. An effortless A-line silhouette is created by layers of tulle over a nude blush color base.

Dress Project: Amanda Jacket

5 hrs 9 mins
This is a stylish jacket that is cozy, easy to wear, and looks great over a dress or with jeans and a tee

Dress Project: Charlie

3 hrs 52 mins
Empire halter top jersey dress attached to asymmetrical creative draped skirt

Dress Project: Emily

2 hrs 55 mins
The Emily Dress combines couture influences from 'John Galliano for Dior' inspired skirt with a flowy draped bias cut cowl neck bodice for a flirty, chic, romantic, and elegant silhouette.

Dress Project: Debbie

7 hrs 49 mins
We'll develop Kimono Sleeve Bodice foundation, Dolman Sleeve Torso foundation, Batwing Sleeve Torso foundation for Jersey, Half Circle or Full Circle Skirt Pattern

Dress Project: Amanda

5 hrs 13 mins
Designed with a flattering draped skirt and a well fitted, open V-neckline bodice with straps

Dress Project: Barbara

5 hrs 28 mins
A simple, effortless chic dress that is perfect for brunch parties, luncheons or rehearsal dinners.


    Removable Dress Form Padding Course

    9 hrs 16 mins
    We develop a custom removable dress form padding cover with zipper that matches your measurements!

    Oversized Shirt

    2 hrs 10 mins
    We cover steps for making an oversized shirt/blouse with puff sleeves or large sleeves

    Draping Foundations: Basic Slopers

    3 hrs 55 mins

    Classic Shirt

    4 hrs 31 mins
    In this project, we cover steps of making a classic shirt with a yoke

    Draping Foundations: Jersey Tee

    1 hr 29 mins
    We drape a jersey fitted and semi-fitted tee, and from there we'll develop our sloper pattern for fitted and semi fitted Tee.

    Draping Foundations: Sleeves

    3 hrs 34 mins

    Draping Foundations: Sheath, Semi-Fitted and Shift Dresses

    1 hr 59 mins


      How to Add Ease to Your Fitted Skirt Pattern

      10 mins

      How to Create a Torso Pattern Using Your Bodice and Skirt Foundation Patterns

      27 mins

      Amanda Dress Skirt Modification of Adding Side Seam

      10 mins

      How to Add or Reduce Drape for Charlie Dress Pieces

      19 mins

      How to Create a Dropped Shoulder Without Sleeve on Your Pattern

      2 mins

      Variation of Dart from 2-Dart Bodice

      21 mins

      How to Correct Your Pattern for a Sway Back

      10 mins

      How to Make a Skirt Pattern for Knit & Jerseys

      36 mins

      Amanda Jacket Pocket Option, and Shoulder Line Sewing Explanation

      16 mins

      How to Make Your Pattern Neck Circle Smaller but not the Shoulder

      8 mins

      How to Add Box Pleat at the Center Back of Top & Shirt

      11 mins

      How to Add Ease to Your Fitted Bodice Pattern

      23 mins

      How to Turn Your Bodice Pattern & Sleeve into Jersey Pattern

      46 mins

      How to Turn Your Bodice Pattern into a Block Pattern

      32 mins

      How to Use Your Bodice Block and Change to Different Neckline

      8 mins

      How to Add Few Inches to Turn to Curved or Tapered Skirt Bottom as Pattern

      7 mins

      How to Transfer Any T-Shirt into a Pattern

      51 mins

      How to Give a V-neck to Your Block and Continue to Back Pattern

      5 mins




        Our Live Sessions are a vital addition to Draping Society. These seminars allow you to learn from Neda in real-time from the comfort of your home. Neda answers all of your questions, and also does extra Live Demos for various techniques. All sessions are then recorded & available in the archive.

        Next live session:

        July 25th, Thursday @ 4:00 PM GMT

        Live Q&A Session
        with Neda Niquie


        How to Close the Gaps on Your Adjustable Dress Form

        22 mins

        Where is the Chest on the Dress Form

        1 min

        How to Make a Skirt Pattern for Knit & Jerseys

        36 mins

        Jersey Info – What to Choose for Your Draping Project

        16 mins

        How to Turn Your Bodice Pattern into a Block Pattern

        32 mins

        How to Create a Dropped Shoulder Without Sleeve on Your Pattern

        2 mins

        Variation of Dart from 2-Dart Bodice

        21 mins

        How Can I Gather Instead of Closing My Dart or Tucks

        9 mins

        How to Correct Your Pattern for a Sway Back

        10 mins

        Amanda Dress Skirt Modification of Adding Side Seam

        10 mins

        Playing with Shape of Brooke Dress with Jersey Ideas Coming from Brooke Dress Technique

        1 hr 10 mins

        How I Store My Patterns

        1 min

        How to Do Easy Padding On Your Dress Form and Cover with Jersey

        1 hr 11 mins

        Amanda Jacket Pocket Option, and Shoulder Line Sewing Explanation

        16 mins

        How to Tape Your Adjustable and Easy-Padded Dress Form

        25 mins

        What’s the Difference Between Professional and Adjustable Dress Forms?

        22 mins

        How to Calculate How Much Muslin You Need to Cut for Draping Your Project

        4 mins

        Playing With Tucks, Pleats before Placing on Dressform to Design

        8 mins

        How to Control Flare of Circle Skirt with Draping

        5 mins

        How to Add Ease to Your Fitted Skirt Pattern

        10 mins

        Draping Demo on Curved French Dart

        54 mins

        Draping 2-Dart (Armhole and Waist) Bodice Front on Larger Chest

        51 mins

        Some Cool Fabrics I Bought

        1 hr 2 mins

        Additional Info on Professional Dress Forms and Taping Them

        1 hr 7 mins

        Where is the Placement of Back Line on Dress Form

        3 mins

        How to Properly Pin on Your Dress Form

        5 mins

        How to Measure the Body

        30 mins

        How to Transfer Any T-Shirt into a Pattern

        51 mins

        How to Cover Adjustable or Unpinnable Dress Forms and Get Ready For Draping

        33 mins

        How to Turn Your Bodice Pattern & Sleeve into Jersey Pattern

        46 mins


          Live Session
          July 19th, 2024
          Live Session
          July 5th, 2024
          Live Session
          June 25th, 2024
          Live Session
          June 15th, 2024
          Live Session
          June 7th, 2024
          1 hr 53 mins
          Live Session
          May 30th, 2024
          2 hrs 47 mins
          Live Session
          May 17th, 2024
          3 hrs 6 mins
          Live Session
          May 13th, 2024
          2 hrs 40 mins
          Live Session
          May 3rd, 2024
          1 hr 48 mins
          Live Session
          April 26th, 2024
          1 hr 55 mins
          Live Session
          April 20th, 2024
          2 hrs 18 mins
          Live Session
          March 29th, 2024
          1 hr 25 mins

            The ultimate step-by-step learning system for dressmakers – part of the Draping Society membership!

            — “‘I LOVE making dresses, but getting caught in a spin of fitting confusion has sucked the life out of my sewing room.”‘

            I hear this a lot from struggling sewists.
            Honestly, any sane person would feel that way.

            To make a simple, decent & wearable dress:

            • You spend hours/days looking for a pattern
            • Tape together & decode the patterns
            • Then you struggle for days & weeks altering patterns to get a proper fit!

            But, what if there was an easier way?

            Through my 20+ years of sewing professionally, I built an easy system that anyone can follow & make any dress they want, in any size/shape they want.

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            Imagine yourself one year from now.

            Dressmaking is now a lot less technical, and a lot more artistic for you.

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            More Than Just Courses, We're a Community of Dressmaking Enthusiasts

            The 'Draping Society' Facebook Group is our community forum that's going to connect you with hundreds of other dressmakers just like you.



            Access 60+ hours of amazing, in-depth dressmaking lessons including hours of step-by-step instruction, and Demo Sessions covering various techniques.


            The ultimate step-by-step learning system for dressmakers. Transform your dressmaking skills through structured, accountable learning. Eight specific levels from super beginner to finishing a complete dress project.
            So you know exactly how much progress you've made and exactly where to go next.


            Each week we do a Live Session where Neda answers everyone's questions, provides feedback on their progress & their work, and also does Live Demos for various specific techniques.
            These all get recorded for future reference within our archive.


            Get direct feedback and answers to all your burning questions from Neda herself, and your fellow members through our Live Sessions, community group, or by contacting our support team directly.


            Connect with fellow sewists from around the world who are just like you in our community group. Our members are focused on getting their dressmaking to the next level, but also on helping other students around them. They’ll be there for you 24/7.


            Each course is accompanied by detailed PDFs that include a project overview, materials information, and muslin preparation steps.


            Hi!! My name is Ann and I am a very happy Draping Society member.

            My new goal, after sewing for over 50 years, was to improve my sewing methodology. Fashion and developing my own patterns has been an interest of mine, but I really didn’t know how to go about it.
            Sewing… YOU’RE ALWAYS ALONE!!
            Until I met Neda Niquie! I started draping the Alexander McQueen Dress. I followed Neda’s draping process, and to my surprise, the dress came together!! Whoa!!

            The online course way exceeded my expectations.
            I was NO LONGER ALONE!! I’ve made an effort to get involved by sewing every presented project and attending Live Q&A’s (when possible, otherwise watching the video later) and communicating to the other Draping Society members. Neda makes an effort to acknowledge YOU during Live Q&A’s, which makes me feel present in her class! I feel like I’m important to her. She quickly responds to any issues or questions you have.

            I’m so happy I discovered Neda and hope to one day meet her and Josh in person. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!!! Thanks Neda and Josh!!
            Ann Larocque
            Ontario, Canada
            Although I’ve been sewing prolifically for 40 years I’m still learning every moment on the Draping Society.

            The videos are clear and precise and the regular Q/A livestreams are invaluable to ask questions and to get your work checked. It’s also a wonderful supportive community so you can ask questions from within the group.

            You can be as active or as passive as you like depending on what’s going on in your life.
            You can learn by just watching the work of others or you can keep up with draping and making plan, and be productive.

            From beginners to experienced you can set your own learning speed and develop at your own pace. Neda is a genius and Josh is a tech wizard. Together they are priceless.

            I hesitated for 6 months but now I’m in, I don’t regret a penny. Do it!
            Nicola Smith
            London, UK
            Draping Society membership has opened up my sewing creativity!

            I've gained much needed skills and the confidence to make clothing that fits my body shape. The Direct Construction Method (DCM) allows me to start from a dress form padded to represent me. Then move to make and adjust my pattern to assure I can sew the pieces together correctly.
            Yes we make patterns!

            The added bonus are the technical skill sets from understanding fabric differences, to drafting difficult pieces such as sleeves and collars. Neda shows us how. Her tutorials are easy to follow. Watch as often as needed. Yeah!

            The best part, I can learn at my pace while having access to a 'Draping Expert.'
            The professional website is easy to use.

            Please know Neda doesn't teach us how to sew. She's teaching us DCM; a skill set that opens up a whole new world!
            Karen Avery
            Alabama, USA
            I am so glad I joined the Draping Society! I love the projects so far and using my draping skills from your DCM Masterclass keeps me fresh and on my toes with my skills.

            My "Amanda" dress fits me perfectly.
            I look forward to more fun projects!
            Dawn Hoff
            California, USA
            I have been with Neda since August of 2021. I also joined as a Founding Member in Draping Society.

            The classes are informative and easy to follow as Neda and Josh include the members in everything.
            Their honesty and kindness and patience in teaching and running these classes is wonderful.

            If not for their knowledge and help in every aspect of clothing design, I would have given up.
            Although they don't see me very much. I am here learning and creating lovely cloths for myself and my granddaughters.

            If you are considering joining, I would highly recommend it to you and wish you all the best in your journey with us.
            Heather Brown
            Arizona, USA
            I am so happy I joined Draping Society, Neda's teaching is so clear.
            She is on hand to help with any questions and goes above and beyond to help.

            I have sewn for over 30 years but I've learned so much more from Neda.

            From Neda's teachings I draped and created a beautiful dress and jacket for my stepdaughters wedding.
            Josh is a great technical help with the website too. Nothing seems too much trouble.
            I would recommend Draping Society to anyone who wants to create great fitting garments. Thank you Neda and Josh.
            Christine Bywater
            Barnsley, UK
            Draping Society is amazing and I have loved seeing its content expanding every week since it started.

            The website is great for navigating quickly to the most recent live session or dropping you back on your last visited project. The projects are a good variety with different learning in each one.

            The quality of the lessons is amazing in content and production quality. There is so much and each project is covered in so much detail and with the weekly lives any extra questions are answered in-depth if there is anything you need extra help with and these are also all stored for later if needed on the site.

            To be honest everything else pales into insignificance compared to what Neda brings (sorry Josh, I know you work really hard on the site and it is amazing).

            Neda just exudes warmth, friendliness and so much enthusiasm for what she is doing it is totally infectious. She is a great teacher and knows the subject so well but what really makes the difference is how much she loves the subject and how passionate she is about it. She really wants to help and is so engaged with people in their long lives each week.

            The commitment is above and beyond with them finding out what people want and tailoring it going forward with that in mind. The effort they are putting into adding to the site is massive and shows from the quality of the site and its contents.

            I would happily stay if it was just a weekly live with Neda but with the website as well with all previous projects and guides you really can’t beat it so I am looking forward to being a long time member.
            Helen Madge
            Exeter, UK

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