Welcome to the Amanda Jacket Project!

This is a stylish jacket that is cozy, easy to wear, and looks great over a dress or with jeans and a tee.

Amanda Jacket Description: 

  • Red Boucle shawl draped neckline jacket
  • Loose fit front, semi-fitted back, shoulder and sleeves
  • Open front
  • Long sleeve,
  • Jacket is finished with Hong Kong, and Bias bound seams
  • Different decorative finishings are discussed and shown in the project

Project Steps:

  • Draping with muslin over dress form,  unique size 14  (not Standard US Sizing)
  • Turning into sewing pattern
  • Fabric properties discussed and shown
  • Cutting fabric 
  • Finishing options for this type of fabric shown with samples and sewing instructions
  • Silk bias strips cut
  • Bias binding edges and seams,
  • Jacket sewn and finished with Hong Kong seams and bias binding
  • In the end, the Amanda Dress was styled with the jacket

Fabric amount:

Approximately you need 2 to 2 ½”  yards of fabric for this project, depending on the length of your choosing and the width of your fabric. 

2 and 2 ½” of muslin for draping

My fabric:  Viscose and wool blend woven Bouclé, (no stretch) , with lightweight Silk Habotai bias bindings

Fabrics that can be used: 

Any fabric that has a good drape, meaning it is flowy, hangs and moves in a fluid, body-skimming manner.

Mid-weight or heavyweight wool Crepe, mid-weight or heavyweight Interlock knit or woven, mid-weight viscose or Rayon Jersey, Stretchy wool, cashmere Gabardine (check for the drape), Wool, viscose knit or Jersey, lightweight leather body, knit sleeves (or leather sleeves), lightweight suede, French Terry, double face fleece, 


Lesson 1

PDF: Muslin Preparation & Measurements

Lesson 2

PDF: Fabric Information

Lesson 3

Introduction & Taping Style Lines

Lesson 4

Draping the Jacket – Front

Lesson 5

Draping the Jacket – Back

Lesson 6

Cleanup and Test Fitting

Lesson 7

Amanda Jacket Patternmaking

Lesson 8

Jacket Sewing Overview

Lesson 9

Cutting the Fabric

Lesson 10

Finishing Samples 1

Lesson 11

Cutting Bias Strips on Silk Habotai

Lesson 12

Finishing Samples 2

Lesson 13

Finishing Samples 3

Lesson 14

Finishing Overview

Lesson 15

Sewing Overview

Lesson 16

Sewing – Part 1

Lesson 17

Sewing – Part 2

Lesson 18

Project Final Overview



Amanda Jacket Muslin Prep Measurements


Amanda Jacket Pocket Option, and Shoulder Line Sewing Explanation

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