Dress Project: Vionnet First Muslin Fitting & Correcting

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In this session, I demonstrated how to assemble the draped muslin pieces and fit them on the dress form.

I explained the importance of properly basting or sewing the pieces together for an accurate fit, rather than just pinning them. The muslin allowed me to assess the overall look and make any necessary adjustments before creating the final pattern.

After draping each piece, I assembled them into a muslin toile to check the fit and overall look. I showed how to mark notches and match seams, ensuring everything aligns correctly. I also evaluated areas that needed adjustments, like tightening the waist or allowing for the weight of the skirt.

Lesson Steps:

  • Baste or carefully sew the draped muslin pieces together, avoiding pinning
  • Inspect the overall fit and look of the assembled muslin on the dress form
  • Mark notches and seam matchpoints with letters or numbers for easy identification later
  • Analyze areas that need adjustments, like neckline, armholes, waist, etc.
  • Note where style lines may shift due to the weight of fabrics like a heavy skirt
  • Prepare to separate the muslin pieces to create the final pattern
  • Decide on skirt design details like a full circle or partial circle skirt