Dress Project: Vionnet Vionnet Dress Lining Final Look

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In this session, I attached and sewed the lining to the dress, which helps conceal the seams, prevents fraying, and allows the fabric to stretch without any issues.

I demonstrated a quick method for attaching the lining, although it can be done more neatly.

Lesson Steps:

  • Attach and sew the lining to the dress
  • Optionally, use decorative stitches or edge stitching to clean the seams
  • Use a mesh lining material, which works well with this type of dress
  • Cut the lining pattern for the bodice or close-fitted jersey
  • Attach the lining by hand around the neckline and armholes for better control
  • Adjust and diagnose any issues during the hand-attachment process
  • Try different finishing techniques to find the preferred method