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In this session, I taught how to properly cut the bodice pattern pieces from delicate fabrics like tulle and silk chiffon. I emphasized the importance of being gentle and using the right tools to avoid damaging the fabrics.

Lesson Steps:

  • Lay the pattern pieces on the fabric in a double layer and pin them securely, using weights if needed for slippery fabrics.
  • Use silk pins to avoid leaving holes or marks on the delicate fabrics.
  • Cut the fabric gently, being careful not to pull or stretch it.
  • Use a rotary blade for fabrics prone to fraying, like chiffon, and scissors for more stable fabrics like tulle.
  • Mark the notches on the cut pieces for easy identification and alignment during construction.
  • Repeat the cutting process for all required bodice layers, in this case, three layers of nude tulle.