Dress Project: Alex Blush Bridal Gown Demonstration: Cutting the Skirt Back Lace

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In this session, I demonstrated how to cut the back piece of the skirt for the bridal gown. The back skirt will be in two separate pieces with a seam at the center back to allow for a long train.

I started by marking the waistline measurement, allowing a little extra for slight gathering around the waist. Then I cut the center back piece and the side back pieces separately, adding seam allowances.

Lesson Steps:

  • Mark the waistline measurement (32 cm + 1 cm for seam allowance = 34 cm for center back)
  • Cut the center back piece first (34 cm wide)
  • Cut the side back pieces separately (122 cm wide for each side)
  • Add seam allowances (1 cm) to all cut edges
  • The back skirt is now cut into two pieces (center and sides) to allow for a train