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In this session, I demonstrated how to sew the lace skirt for the Alex Blush Bridal Gown. The intricate lace detailing required careful handling and precise stitching to achieve the desired elegant look.

Lesson Steps:

  • Prepare the lace fabric by gently pressing it and ensuring it is free from wrinkles or creases.
  • Lay out the skirt pattern pieces on the lace fabric, following the grain line and cutting instructions.
  • Carefully pin the lace pieces together, aligning the seams and edges.
  • Thread the sewing machine with a fine needle and high-quality thread that complements the lace color.
  • Sew the skirt panels together using a narrow zigzag stitch or a specialized lace stitch, taking care not to stretch or distort the delicate fabric.
  • Finish the seams with a lightweight seam binding or narrow hem to prevent fraying.
  • Attach the skirt to the bodice, ensuring a smooth and even fit.
  • Press the completed skirt gently, using a pressing cloth to protect the lace from direct heat.