Dress Project: Alex Blush Bridal Gown Marking the Draped Bodice

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In this lesson, I taught how to mark the draping lines on the fabric without drawing directly on it. I prefer using contrasting thread to top stitch the lines instead of marking with a pen or pencil to avoid staining the delicate fabric.

Lesson Steps:

  • Top stitch with contrasting thread (black or red) to mark the draping lines instead of drawing directly on the fabric
  • Avoid cutting corners to make the process faster, as it’s worth taking the time to mark accurately
  • Towards the end, make a small lock stitch to mark the darts
  • Instead of closing the darts, hand stitch a straight line from the bottom and top of the fold to create a V-shape
  • Mark around the waistline and neckline areas
  • After finishing the marking, transfer the draped piece onto paper to create a pattern