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In this lesson, I start draping the first sample bodice using the actual fabric for the dress. I pin the fabric to the dress form, following the reference lines and ensuring a slight stretch to avoid bunching after removal.

Lesson Steps:

  • Fold down fabric at center front by 1 inch and lay on dress form following reference line
  • Pin fabric along reference line, waistline, and around bust area
  • Pin at apex with slight stretch, being careful not to overstretch
  • Pin at side seams with slight stretch
  • Remove excess fabric crowding the area
  • Take a dart at bust line to create a slight pocket
  • Make small slashes around waistline to release tension for smooth lay
  • Cut away excess fabric at back, leaving enough to cover
  • Open up waistline area slightly for proper draping
  • Stretch fabric slightly and pin at center back
  • Cut excess fabric about 1 inch away from reference line