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In this session, I demonstrated how to sew the bodice of the bridal gown. I worked on assembling the lining layers, creating darts, and stabilizing the neckline area with taping.

I walked through the process of constructing the bodice lining, creating darts, fitting on the dress form, and stabilizing areas like the neckline. The next steps involve attaching the lace overlay, skirt, and preparing for the model fitting.

Lesson Steps:

  • Cut and assemble the lining layers (nude tulle)
  • Sew the bust darts and clean finish the sides
  • Fit the bodice on the dress form and make necessary adjustments
  • Hand-stitch the darts and add straight grain taping for stability
  • Prepare to attach the lace overlay and skirt portion
  • Get ready for the model fitting to make final adjustments