Dress Project: Brooke Presenting Brooke Dress & How to Style the Look

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In this session, I presented our final Brooke Dress!

I demonstrated adding a waistband, creating openings or pockets, and adjusting the silhouette using straps. I also showed the steps for finishing the hem with a bias strip.

Lesson Steps:

  • Add a waistband made from the same fabric, if desired
  • Create openings or pockets in the dress, based on your preference
  • Attach inner and outer straps to the dress to adjust the silhouette
  • Try on the dress or use a dress form to experiment with different shapes
  • Level the hem if the silhouette adjustments cause uneven lengths
  • Finish the hem by covering it with a bias strip and hand-stitching it in place

I’m really fond of the relaxed, effortless, and city-chic vibe of the completed draped dress design!