Dress Project: Brooke Sewing 3: Finishing Facing, Closing Sides & Center Back

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In this session, I taught how to finish the facings by covering the raw edges with bias binding.

I also prepared the side seams for attaching the pockets in the next step.

I covered the bottom edges of the front and back facings with thin bias binding. This involved carefully sewing the bias strips around the curves and corners. After attaching the bias, I pressed the facings and prepared the side seams by stitching them down for a few inches, leaving room to insert the pockets.

Lesson Steps:

  • Attached bias binding to the bottom edge of the front facing
  • Pressed and folded the bias binding neatly
  • Sewed the bias binding in place along the front facing
  • Repeated the process for the back facing
  • Pressed the finished facings
  • Stitched the side seams down for 2-3 inches below the armholes
  • Prepared to attach the pockets in the next step