DCM Masterclass A-Line Skirt - Draping
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this lesson, I taught how to create an A-line skirt from a straight skirt pattern by releasing the fabric at the hemline. I demonstrated marking the desired A-line flare and pinning the excess fabric to achieve the desired silhouette.

I showed how to transform a straight skirt pattern into an A-line shape by releasing the fabric at the hemline and pinning out the desired flare amount. I marked guidelines to control the A-line degree.

Lesson Steps:

  • Unpin the skirt from waist down, keeping waistline secured
  • Decide how much A-line flare is desired by visually assessing
  • Mark guidelines outside the straight skirt line by desired A-line amounts (e.g. 1.5″ at front and sides)
  • Release fabric between guidelines and straight skirt line
  • Pin out the released fabric to create A-line shape
  • For more extreme flare, a flared skirt pattern is needed instead of an A-line adaptation