DCM Masterclass First Fitting with Draped Pieces
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this lesson, I fused the muslin pieces with horsehair fusible interfacing and attached all six draped pieces together. I then took the assembled muslin to my dress form for the first fitting.

I pinned the muslin to the dress form, making adjustments to ensure a snug fit around the bust and waist areas. I marked the necessary adjustments with pins and then traced the new seamlines in red pen on the muslin pieces.

Lesson Steps:

  • Pin the muslin at the center front and center back to stabilize it on the dress form
  • Adjust the side seams, taking in excess fabric to achieve a snug fit around the bust
  • Raise the bust seamline slightly higher for a better fit
  • Adjust the side seams under the bust, taking in a small amount if needed
  • Check the fit at the waistline and take in more if desired for an extra snug waist
  • Ensure the center front seam is straight and properly positioned
  • Mark any other adjustments needed with pins
  • Trace the new, adjusted seamlines in red pen on the muslin pieces
  • Transfer markings to pattern paper, adding notches and pattern information