DCM Masterclass Basic Sleeve - Draping
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this lesson, I teach how to drape a basic sleeve pattern directly on the dress form. I demonstrate the steps involved in preparing the sleeve pieces and attaching them to the armhole seamline.

I show how to sew the sleeve pieces together and then attach them to the armhole of the dress form, easing in the sleeve cap to create a smooth curve over the shoulder area. I mark the important points like the elbow, wrist, bicep and back/front lines for transferring to a paper pattern later.

Lesson Steps:

  • Sew the sleeve pieces together as per the provided PDF instructions
  • Pin the sewn sleeve to the armhole seamline, matching underarm points
  • Ease in the sleeve cap around the shoulder area using small gathers/folds
  • Smooth out the sleeve cap over the shoulder area
  • Mark key points like elbow, wrist, bicep on the draped sleeve
  • Indicate back/front sleeve sections with double line markings
  • Transfer markings to create a paper pattern for the basic sleeve