DCM Masterclass Attaching Corset and Lining
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I demonstrated how to attach the corset outer layer to the lining. I first checked the fit on the dress form, ensuring everything was neat and even before proceeding to pin and sew the layers together.

I showed the process of carefully pinning the corset outer layer to the lining, matching seams and pinning a ribbon detail. Then, I sewed the top portions together, working from the center outwards to each side for the sweetheart neckline shape.

Lesson Steps:

  • Check fit on dress form, even out any uneven seams
  • Remove top corset layer, pin to lining layer matching seams
  • Pin ribbon detail between layers
  • Sew top portions together from center out to sides
  • Trim bulk from seam allowances if needed
  • Press sewn top portion, check fit on dress form
  • Prepare for hemming bottom and inserting zipper