DCM Masterclass Basic Bodice with 1 Dart (Waist) - Patternmaking
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this lesson, I teach how to transfer the draped muslin pieces to paper patterns and true the darts. I demonstrate the steps using a basic bodice front and back with a single waist dart.

I show how to trace the draped muslin onto dot paper using a tracing wheel, then draw in the seamlines and darts. I explain truing the darts by folding and aligning the dart legs. I also cover matching the side seams, shoulders, and adjusting for a smooth armhole curve. Finally, I add seam allowances to complete the paper pattern pieces.

Lesson Steps:

  • Gather supplies: dot paper, tracing wheel, pencils, rulers, scissors, tape
  • Pin muslin pieces flat on dot paper and trace using tracing wheel
  • Draw in seamlines, darts, and markings using pencil and curve rulers
  • True the darts by folding and aligning dart legs, adjusting seamlines as needed
  • Match side seams and shoulders, adjusting armhole curve if needed
  • Add seam allowances (Neda uses 1 cm)
  • Mark grainline direction
  • Label pattern pieces with style info and cutting instructions