DCM Masterclass Information on Corset Types and Materials
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I shared details about corset making, the materials used, and the finishing techniques involved. I explained the different types of corsets, from lightweight bridal corsets to heavily structured historical pieces.

I discussed the importance of using breathable, lightweight materials like silk for bridal corsets to ensure comfort during warm wedding seasons. I also covered the various interfacings used, such as fusible knits for flexibility and horsehair for rigid historical corsets. Additionally, I demonstrated how to create custom breast cups using foam and zigzag stitching.

Lesson Steps:

  • Types of corsets: lightweight bridal, heavily structured historical
  • Materials: silk, crepe, satin for breathability and comfort
  • Interfacings: fusible knits for flexibility, horsehair for rigid structure
  • Breast cups: custom foam cups sewn with zigzag stitch
  • Boning: plastic for flexibility, metal for removability
  • Closures: hook-and-eye, lacing, zippers with fly guards
  • Waist stays: attached to corsets for proper positioning
  • Covering techniques: lace appliqués, ribbon binding over boning channels