DCM Masterclass Basic Sleeve - Patternmaking
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I taught how to draft a basic sleeve pattern from a muslin sleeve. I demonstrated tracing the key lines and measurements onto paper to create the sleeve block.

The sleeve cap height should be around 3 inches from the top. This measurement along with the armhole circumference needs to match your bodice for the sleeve to fit properly. To adjust for a larger armhole, slash and spread the sleeve cap slightly.

Lesson Steps:

  • Trace the sleeve outline, marking corners, center lines, and elbow position
  • For a tighter underarm, lower the underarm curve slightly
  • For a tight sleeve back, add width at the sleeve cap back
  • For an overall tight sleeve, raise and widen the entire sleeve cap
  • To create ease at the sleeve cap, raise just the top curve slightly
  • Lengthen/shorten the sleeve by adjusting the side seams
  • Add seam allowances once the basic sleeve block is finalized