DCM Masterclass Skirts - Patternmaking
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I taught how to create a basic skirt block pattern with different skirt styles like straight, tapered, and A-line from a draped muslin. I demonstrated transferring the draped skirt onto paper, truing the darts, and adjusting for the desired lengths and silhouettes.

I guided through the process of transferring a draped skirt muslin onto paper to create a master skirt block pattern. I showed how to true the darts, add desired lengths, and create straight, tapered or A-line skirt styles from the basic block.

Lesson Steps:

  • Trace the center front/back lines and darts from the draped muslin onto paper
  • True the darts by folding on the drawn lines and taping
  • Adjust the skirt length by measuring down from waist
  • For a tapered skirt, taper in 1 inch at hem on each seam from hip line
  • For an A-line, flare out 2 inches at hem on each seam from waist
  • Match the front and back pattern pieces at side seams
  • Note important details like size, seam allowances, lengths etc. on pattern
  • Walk through matching the skirt block to a bodice for a dress