DCM Masterclass Attaching Bodice & Skirt, Turning into a Dress Sloper
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this lesson, I demonstrated how to attach the draped bodice and skirt together. I pinned the bodice onto the dress form, closed the darts, and matched the waistlines before attaching the skirt section.

I showed the steps to properly attach the draped bodice and skirt pieces together, ensuring the darts are closed and the waistlines are matched. This creates a cohesive dress with princess seam lines flowing from bodice to skirt.

Lesson Steps:

  • Pin the bodice onto the dress form, closing darts at sides, shoulders, center back and front
  • Close all darts on the bodice pieces
  • Match the waistline of the bodice to the skirt pieces
  • Attach the bodice front to skirt front at waistline seam
  • Attach the bodice back to skirt back at waistline seam
  • Pin the shoulder seams together
  • Pin the side seams together, following the adjusted red line markings
  • Ensure the princess seam lines flow smoothly from bodice to skirt
  • Make any final adjustments to the fit as needed