DCM Masterclass Creative Draping on a Constructed Base
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this lesson, I taught how to creatively drape fabrics on a constructed base like a corset or fitted bodice. I demonstrated draping techniques to achieve structured yet fluid designs suitable for gowns and wedding dresses.

I showed how to drape fabrics like organza or sheer materials over a fitted corset base. This allows creating voluminous yet controlled shapes that maintain their form. The corset base can be made from various materials like tulle or lace for a sheer effect.

Lesson Steps:

  • Prepare a fitted corset or bodice base to drape over
  • Use circle or bias-cut fabric pieces to drape and create folds/pleats
  • Experiment with pinning and shaping the fabric around the bust, waist, and shoulders
  • Create tension in the fabric to form organic folds and tucks
  • Pin pleats temporarily, then hand-stitch them in place on the base
  • Shape the shoulder/armhole area by folding, pleating or creating a sleeve-like tunnel
  • For the back, use circle/bias pieces and repeat draping/pinning techniques
  • Finish by hand-stitching the draped pieces to the base, cleaning side seams
  • Optional: Mark seams/grainlines to create a pattern, or drape directly on the final fabric