DCM Masterclass Preparation for First Fitting with Draped Pieces
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this lesson, I taught how to prepare the draped pieces for the first fitting before transferring them to a final pattern.
I demonstrated cleaning up the outlines of the draped muslin pieces and adding seam allowances.

I also explained the process of fusing the muslin pieces onto interfacing to give them structure for the initial fitting.

Lesson Steps:

  • Draw clean outlines on the draped muslin pieces with a pen, being careful not to stretch the fabric
  • Add 1 cm seam allowance to the edges that will be sewn together
  • Leave extra fabric at the center front, bottom, and waist areas
  • Cut out the muslin pieces along the drawn lines
  • Fuse each muslin piece onto a woven interfacing, following the straight grain
  • Trim the interfaced pieces to match the muslin pattern pieces
  • Baste or tack the interfaced pieces together
  • Fit the assembled pieces on a dress form or body to check the draping