DCM Masterclass Taping and Measuring Your Dress Form, and Measurements for Muslin Preparation
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I teach how to properly tape and measure a dress form in preparation for draping. I explain the essential lines that need to be marked, such as the center front, bust, waist, hip, side seam, and others.

Lesson Steps:

  • Mark the following lines on the dress form: center front, bust line, waist line, hip line, side seam, neck line, shoulder line, armhole, center back line, princess lines (front and back)
  • Gather necessary tools: scissors, pins, measuring tape, colored pencils/markers, muslin fabric
  • Measure the dress form from highest neck point to waist (e.g., 17 inches for size 6)
  • Measure the bust width from center front to side seam (e.g., 9 inches for size 6)
  • Cut muslin for the front bodice, allowing extra inches (e.g., 20-21 inches long, 11 inches wide for size 6)
  • Measure the back length from shoulder to waist (e.g., 16 inches for size 6)
  • Cut muslin for the back bodice, using similar dimensions as the front
  • Adjust measurements according to the specific dress form size