DCM Masterclass Basic Bodice with 2 Darts (Waist and Bust) - Patternmaking
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I teach how to create a basic bodice pattern with two darts – one at the waistline and one at the bust line. I demonstrate transferring the draped muslin pieces onto paper to make the pattern.

I show the process of transferring a draped basic bodice with waist and bust darts onto paper to create a pattern. I trace the muslin pieces, mark the important points like apex, and close the darts to get the final pattern shape. Adjustments are made to blend the front and back patterns smoothly.

Lesson Steps:

  • Attach draped muslin to dot paper and trace with a tracing wheel
  • Mark important points like side seams, apex, dart points etc.
  • Separate the dart sections
  • Fold and close the darts to find the final waistline shape
  • Punch through the dart end point onto paper
  • Blend the front bodice pattern with the basic back pattern
  • Make adjustments to shoulder, neckline for smooth blending
  • Add seam allowances and grainline markings
  • Label pattern pieces with necessary information