DCM Masterclass Sewing the Corset
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I taught how to sew the corset pieces together, emphasizing the importance of carefully matching the pattern pieces and notches to avoid mixing up the order. I demonstrated sewing the outer fabric pieces first, then the lining pieces, preparing them for the next steps of adding boning and bust cups.

Lesson Steps:

  • Separate the pattern pieces into left and right sides, numbering them 1 to 6 for each side
  • Match the numbered pattern pieces to the corresponding fabric pieces, using notches as guides
  • Sew the outer fabric pieces together in order from 1 to 6 for each side
  • Repeat the process for the lining pieces, sewing them together separately
  • Attach the center front pieces of the outer fabric and lining
  • Press the sewn pieces, being careful not to cut the seam allowances yet
  • Prepare to add boning and bust cups in the next steps