DCM Masterclass Cutting Corset Fabric Lining and Interfacing
Week 10: Project Week & Refining

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In this session, I demonstrated how to cut the fabric, lining, and interfacing for a corset or bustier project. I explained the different materials being used, including a brocade fabric for the outer shell, a mid-weight satin knit for the lining, and interfacing to provide structure.

I showed the process of cutting the fabric pieces, lining, and multiple layers of interfacing using the pattern pieces. I emphasized the importance of transferring notches and markings to the interfacing layers for accurate alignment during construction.

Lesson Steps:

  • Cut the outer fabric and lining pieces, transferring all notches and markings
  • Cut four layers of interfacing for each pattern piece
  • Fuse the interfacing layers to the wrong side of the fabric pieces using steam and pressure
  • Transfer notches and markings to the interfaced fabric pieces
  • Organize the cut pieces into separate sections for the outer shell and lining
  • Plan to first sew the outer corset shell and lining shell separately
  • Fit the separate shells on a dress form before attaching boning or bust cups
  • Finish by assembling the complete corset with a zipper closure